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A sustainable quality supply chain

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A sustainable quality supply chain

Our vocation for sustainability starts in the first link in the chain: our winegrowing members, who care for their vineyards with love and respect for the environment, making them as beautiful as nurtured gardens. That same care and commitment to the protection and enhancement of our grapes is then passed on to all the other stages of the production cycle: from the grape harvest to the delivery of the grapes, from their processing to the ageing of the wine.

7 steps of sustainability
Step by step, we strive to protect the organic qualities of the vineyards and enhance the specific characteristics of each grape variety.
We cultivate and harvest our vineyards by hand
We only use Trentino pergolas and certified root cuttings
We nourish the soil with organic matter, such as residues from pruning and leaf removal
To limit the use of pesticides, we apply the method of sexual confusion
Drip irrigation is widely used to optimize water use
We preserve hedges and dry stone walls to provide shelter for various species in the ecosystem
Grass cutting is done with attention to the maturity of the essences

Trentino, land of wine

Green valleys, crystal clear rivers, high peaks and colorful lakes: our DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata - Denomination of Origin) wines come from the heart of the Dolomites. A land not only rich in natural beauty, castles, history, culture and traditions, but also particularly favorable to the cultivation of vines. Since time immemorial, the extremely varied composition of the soil and the coexistence of different microclimates (Alpine, continental, Mediterranean) have made it possible to produce wines with unique and unrepeatable colors, perfumes and flavors. Characteristics that have allowed Trentino to be awarded the important international recognition "Wine Region of The Year 2020" by the American magazine "Wine Enthusiast".