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Cittadella del Vino (Citadel of wine)

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Sustainability at first sight

One of the best urban redevelopment projects in Italy; a stunning piece of architecture in perfect harmony with nature; a multifunctional accommodation facility awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence. Our winery is many things, all beautiful.

Efficiency and energy saving

Thanks to the 75% underground cellar, in order to naturally achieve the right temperature and ideal humidity, plus extensive use of natural and LED lighting.

Energy production from renewable sources

Integrated photovoltaic system on the rooves of the "Cittadella del Vino" (from 386 kWp) 278 panels for the production of solar thermal energy.

Protecting the water resource

Thanks to the extensive use of drip irrigation, according to the so-called "relief irrigation", and the efficiency in cleaning the systems.

Reducing environmental impact

Thanks to the low use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, the use of environmentally friendly detergents and extensive green areas.

Waste reduction and recycling

Thanks to 100% separate waste collection and the recovery and reprocessing of production waste (screwings, defective bottles, etc.).