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Historical introduction

A grape variety originating in Carinthia and cultivated since the 11th century, in Trentino it has found particular diffusion in the vocated areas of Vallagarina, in the southernmost part of the Trentino Adige valley, where the Little Dolomites and the Baldo chain flank Lake Garda which stretches towards the Veneto plain. It is a land rich in memories, which was the scene of disputes between the Austrian Empire and the Serenissima Republic of Venice. It was thanks to these relations and the consequent trade of the people who populated it that Marzemino came to this land from distant and suggestive Asia Minor.

The soils of Marzemino

Marzemino grapes are cultivated on the best soils created by the erosive action of the glaciers, which have formed gentle hills and fertile promontories as they've passed through, and in the best exposures facilitated by the particular orientation of the valleys, allowing this variety to express its potential to the full, reaching the right ripeness, creating wines with gentle aromas and harmonious flavors.

Cultivated in the classic Trentino pergola, Marzemino is a vine that requires long pruning and its young, green shoots are very fragile and sensitive to the effect of the wind. Only the skilful work of the winegrower, through patient tying and arrangement of the shoots, can select the best shoots for grape production.

The wine

Marzemino is a joyful, lively, uncomplicated wine with immediate pleasure. The unusual plains and the climate mildened by the lake breezes make it straightforward, fragrant and friendly. Crisp as a cherry, it smells of pomegranate, morello cherry and aubergine. Celebrated in Mozart's "Don Giovanni" for its excellent qualities, it is a particularly pleasant wine for its "fruitiness" and elegance.