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From the countryside to the bottle, sustainability is our vocation.
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Towards sustainable quality

Since the 1980s there’s been constant and effective commitment to the integration between agriculture and nature.

Day after day we tend to our vineyards with our own hands; every year we dedicate 600 hours of work and love to each acre. Combining the skillful farming tradition of our winegrowing members with the innovative and efficient techniques of our team of agronomists, we are engaged in the protection and reconstruction of the natural harmony between man and nature on a daily basis.
Sustainability Manifesto
It is thanks to our values, words and the deeds we believe in, that in over a century we have been able to overcome many challenges and achieve our goals.
Welcoming you to the Cittadella del Vino (Citadel of wine) means opening the doors to our vision
We had a desire and commitment: to leave the land in a better way than what it was like when we found it
We are witnesses and guardians of our land’s natural harmony
We are united and engaged in the desire to do good for our community
Our places, gestures and our wine tell the tale of the history and culture of Trentino and its people
Caring for our land and its fruit is the very basis to our daily activities
Our wines are an authentic expression of the extraordinary quality of Trentino and its people
Our wines are just like that natural environment where they come from: colorful, fragrant and good
Sustainability is our vocation; it has always guided us and is even expressed in the bond between our members
Our typicality is unique and derives from a territory rich in harmony, nature, culture and tradition
We are heirs to a history spanning back thousands of years: wine has been made here since Roman times
We are what you see: the result of honest words and simple daily actions

Re-introduction of copper instead of antiperonosporics (dithiocarbamates), with the benefit of reducing the use of dangerous pesticides, safeguarding beneficial mites and to eliminate the use of acaricides.


Publication of the book "Nature and Agriculture" is distributed to all members, documenting the integrated protection through knowledge and valorization of beneficial insects and mites on pests and their natural control.


The Comitato Vitivinicolo Trentino (today Consorzio di Tutela Vini del Trentino), supported by the Autonomous Province of Trento, set up the Protocol of Self-discipline for Wine Production which winegrowers adhere to and which becomes an instrument with rules and indications for practising "integrated" viticulture.


Introduction of the practice of sexual confusion for the moth (Lobesia botrana) on around 34 acres in the Sottodossi area, within the built-up area of Mezzocorona.


Publication of the volume "Nature and Agriculture, integrated production through knowledge of the main fungal diseases of apple and vine", distributed to members to diffuse knowledge and control of pathogenic fungi.


Extension of the sexual confusion method for the moth (Lobesia botrana) to all Mezzacorona S.c.a. members.


Sexual Confusion: Introduction of the Double Diffuser valid for two lepidopteran species, moth (Lobesia botrana) and moth (Eupoecilia ambiguella).


Sexual confusion methods are applied to the entire Trentino wine-growing area, a good 23.969 acres.


Self-Regulatory Protocol: adoption of criteria for the choice of pesticides to be used in wine-growing in Trentino, aimed above all at protecting the health of the vine grower who carries out intensive manual work.


Sexual confusion: introduction of triple spreader for three lepidopteran species, moth (Lobesia botrana), moth (Eupoecilia ambiguella), and eulia (Argyrotaenia ljungiana).


Through the Consorzio di Tutela Vini del Trentino, obtaining the "Sustainable Quality" mark for the grape production in compliance with the Sistema di National Quality System for Integrated Production (SQNPI).


Sexual confusion is extended to approximately 1.235 acres in the areas of Ala (Vallagarina) and Arco-Dro (Alto Garda) for the mealybug (Planococus ficus) that is also spreading in Trentino as a result of rising temperatures and climate change. This is thanks to the experimentation successfully piloted in the Sicilian companies of the Mezzacorona Group.


In the same year, through the Consorzio di Tutela Vini del Trentino, the label "Sustainable Quality" mark for wine in accordance with the Sistema di National Quality System for Integrated Production (SQNPI)is awarded.


Teams of agronomists together with members carry out checks in the vineyards to report vines affected by "Flavescence dorée".

Trentino, land of wine

Green valleys, crystal clear rivers, high peaks and colorful lakes: our DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata - Denomination of Origin) wines come from the heart of the Dolomites. A land not only rich in natural beauty, castles, history, culture and traditions, but also particularly favorable to the cultivation of vines. Since time immemorial, the extremely varied composition of the soil and the coexistence of different microclimates (Alpine, continental, Mediterranean) have made it possible to produce wines with unique and unrepeatable colors, perfumes and flavors. Characteristics that have allowed Trentino to be awarded the important international recognition "Wine Region of The Year 2020" by the American magazine "Wine Enthusiast".

A sustainable quality supply chain

Our vocation for sustainability starts in the first link in the chain: our winegrowing members, who care for their vineyards with love and respect for the environment, making them as beautiful as nurtured gardens. That same care and commitment to the protection and enhancement of our grapes is then passed on to all the other stages of the production cycle: from the grape harvest to the delivery of the grapes, from their processing to the ageing of the wine.

7 steps of sustainability
Step by step, we strive to protect the organic qualities of the vineyards and enhance the specific characteristics of each grape variety.
We cultivate and harvest our vineyards by hand
We only use Trentino pergolas and certified root cuttings
We nourish the soil with organic matter, such as residues from pruning and leaf removal
To limit the use of pesticides, we apply the method of sexual confusion
Drip irrigation is widely used to optimize water use
We preserve hedges and dry stone walls to provide shelter for various species in the ecosystem
Grass cutting is done with attention to the maturity of the essences

Cittadella del Vino (Citadel of wine): sustainability at first sight

One of the best urban redevelopment projects in Italy; a stunning piece of architecture in perfect harmony with nature; a multifunctional accommodation facility awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence. Our winery is many things, all beautiful.

Visita the Cittadella
Efficiency and energy saving

Thanks to the 75% underground cellar, in order to naturally achieve the right temperature and ideal humidity, plus extensive use of natural and LED lighting.

Energy production from renewable sources

Integrated photovoltaic system on the rooves of the "Cittadella del Vino" (from 386 kWp) 278 panels for the production of solar thermal energy.

Protecting the water resource

Thanks to the extensive use of drip irrigation, according to the so-called "relief irrigation", and the efficiency in cleaning the systems.

Reducing environmental impact

Thanks to the low use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, the use of environmentally friendly detergents and extensive green areas.

Waste reduction and recycling

Thanks to 100% separate waste collection and the recovery and reprocessing of production waste (screwings, defective bottles, etc.).

A vocation for sustainability, guaranteed by the SQNPI certification

Since 2016, all our winegrower members, through the coordination of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini del Trentino, have obtained the Ministerial Certification SQNPI - Sistema di Qualità Nazionale per la Produzione Integrata - for their grapes. Since 2017, the winery has also obtained it on its wine. A double recognition that guarantees, through a series of controls throughout the supply chain, that our work is truly sustainable from the land to the winery, from the countryside to the bottle.

Wine in moderation: a sustainable wine culture

The Mezzacorona Group is an Ambassador Company at WINE IN MODERATION (WIM), a Brussels-based European association that has been committed to promoting responsible and careful wine consumption for years. The group thus strengthens its commitment to sustainability and the promotion of a balanced lifestyle in which wine can be enjoyed in moderation.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only environmental but also social. Safety and responsibility have always been at the core of our philosophy and are expressed in the promotion of a balanced and sustainable lifestyle in which good wine can be enjoyed in moderation. We choose to make informed decisions, to respect those around us and the wine we are drinking. Let us share it with friends and family, pairing it with good food and water. Let us take care of ourselves to take care of others.

Our certifications

AEO Operatore Economico Autorizzata - from 2008
BRC Global Standard for Food Safety British Retail Consortium - from 2012
DLG GM Wine - from 2011
Equalitas - Modulo Organizzazione Sostenibile - from 2020
IFS International Food Standards - from 2012
Operatore Biologico relativa alla produzione biologica e all'architettura dei prodotti biologici - from 2015
Sostain - from 2022
SQNPI Sistema di qualità nazionale di produzione integrata - vineyards from 2016, wines from 2017 
Viva La sostenibilità della Vitivinicoltura in Italia - from 2022