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Sustainability Manifesto

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Sustainability Manifesto
It is thanks to our values, words and the deeds we believe in, that in over a century we have been able to overcome many challenges and achieve our goals.
Welcoming you to the Cittadella del Vino (Citadel of wine) means opening the doors to our vision
We had a desire and commitment: to leave the land in a better way than what it was like when we found it
We are witnesses and guardians of our land’s natural harmony
We are united and engaged in the desire to do good for our community
Our places, gestures and our wine tell the tale of the history and culture of Trentino and its people
Caring for our land and its fruit is the very basis to our daily activities
Our wines are an authentic expression of the extraordinary quality of Trentino and its people
Our wines are just like that natural environment where they come from: colorful, fragrant and good
Sustainability is our vocation; it has always guided us and is even expressed in the bond between our members
Our typicality is unique and derives from a territory rich in harmony, nature, culture and tradition
We are heirs to a history spanning back thousands of years: wine has been made here since Roman times
We are what you see: the result of honest words and simple daily actions