Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Riserva

NOS is a Mezzacorona wine of superb quality with a limited number of bottles being produced only from excellent vintage years. The wine grapes are hand picked from the very best vineyards in the Rotaliana Plains, the classic area for the production of Teroldego Rotaliano DOC.

Alcohol content
Serving temperature
Production area
Mezzacorona grows this variety in the Rotaliana Plains in Trentino.
Vinified in small stainless steel tanks, NOS spends the first two years of the refining process in specially selected barrique and then another year in precious oak barrels. It is then bottled where it is left for another twelve months to perfect the refinement process.
It is an intense ruby red wine, with subtle reflections of mauve and a characteristic fragrance which is intense, pleasantly fruity with hints of woodland fruit, in particular mirtle and wild blackberrybtogether with a classic and exclusive flavour of black truffle and leather. Spicy fragrances meet vanilla coming from the aging in wood. It leaves a perfect balance of concentration and pleasantness as the wine boasts a complex range of balsamic flavours, a dry flavour full of character and with a slight touch of almond. The tannins give it a velvety texture and solid and compact structure.
A fine tasting wine able to satisfy the most demanding palate and ideal to serve during important gatherings and celebrations. It goes perfectly with dishes from the best Italian cuisine. The wine's legance and body makes it a wonderful accompaniment for rich dishes such as red meat roasts, braised beef, game, truffled dishes, mature and tasty cheeses. Its special traits render NOS an excellent meditation wine.