Alcohol content
50-54° F
Serving temperature
Production area
This elegant sparkling wine is made using estate grown grapes in our vineyardsat the foothill of the Dolomites.
60% Chardonnay - 30% Pinot Bianco - 10% Muller Thurgau

Grapes are harvested and selected by hand at the beginning of September andafter destemming and crushing, soft pressed to extract only the aromaticcompounds. After natural clarification, fermentation is done at controlledtemperature of 18°C for 10- 11 days. Then the wine matures on the lees. Afterthe assembly of the cuvée, the wine undergoes the second fermentation inautoclave for 15 days until the fermentation is naturally blocked, cooling downthe temperature to -2 °C to cold stabilize and to preserve the natural sugar thatgives balance and smoothness to this sparkling wine. After filtration, thesparkling wine is bottled under pressure. The production process is Charmatmethod.
The bouquet displays rich and intense aromas of fresh fruits like red apple, pear,white peach and melon, and delicate pineapple with an elegant note of wildmountain rose. The palate is very pleasant with a soft mousse, persistent bubblesand smooth acidity.
Ideal as an aperitif, Mezza pairs very well with fresh and mild seasoned cheese,pasta dishes with fish and vegetables, as well as with white meat and fried fish.