DOMENICA Pinot Grigio

Trentino DOC

Grown in vineyards lying in uncontaminated valleys with rising cliffs and crystalline rivers. One is immediately struck by the vitality and cleanliness of these valleys; these characteristics being found in the bottle through the aromas and freshness of this wine.Domenica bears the Trentino DOC appellation, which stands out in the Italian Pinot Grigio production for the very high quality of its wines, its limited production, and the intrinsic sustainability of viticulture in this region. 

Domenica is guaranteed with the SQNPI certification which testifies to the "Sustainable Quality" of Pinot Grigio Trentino DOC, assuring consumers that the wine is produced which respect both the environment and health. The most popular growing area for this vine is the plain around Mezzocorona village where the Dolomite rocks dominating the valley enhance the action of the sunlight during the day by reflecting it onto the vines, and then create a wide temperature range at night, thus allowing the perfect aromatic accumulation in the bunches of Pinot Grigio.  It is precisely in this area that the vineyards destined to produce "Domenica" are selected, with lower production yields per hectare and greater attention on the part of our agronomists in selecting the best quality plots year after year. 

Our winegrowers, whose small plots are approximately a half hectares, grow Pinot Grigio using the Pergola Trentina system. This system means that the leaves are more exposed to the sun and the bunches more sheltered. This results in optimising the accumulation of the nutrients inside the bunch whilst the action of direct light preserves aroma. This wine is as special and unique. It is the result of grapes grown from vineyards in an unspoilt region, sustainable viticulture and a specific terroir farmed with the impeccable craftsmanship.

Alcohol content
Serving temperature
The grapes, rigorously hand-picked and selected, are taken swiftly to the winery where they are destemmed and undergo a brief maceration in the press to extract the noblest aromatic characteristics from the skins. This is followed by soft pressing and fermentation of the clear must at a controlled temperature of 16°C. The wine then rests on its noble lees and undergoes repeated battonage throughout the ageing which enhances the complexity of its taste and softness.
The wine expresses the noblest characteristics of Trentino Pinot Grigio to the full. Brilliant straw yellow colour with notes of sweet chamomile and lilac on the nose which fade into scents of white stone fruit. The initial taste is ample, rich, and soft. The finish has a lingering vibrant acidity which enhances the persistence and aromatic appeal.  This wine has an evident and unmistakable minerality which recalls the rocks and soils from which these precious fruits grow.
Excellent as an aperitif, it is best served with traditional dishes, such as potatoes pie served with cold meats and cheeses from mountain dairy farms. It is a superb companion to seafood, seafood salads, pasta with creamed cod, dishes based on mushrooms, or with white meats seasoned with mountain herbs.