Pinot Grigio

The Pinot grigio Cliffhanger is the best expression of the potential of the beautiful territory, DOC TRENTINO, inside the Dolomite area.DOC TRENTINO is an area that encompasses a myriad of small territories, soil conditions and microclimates with completely different geological origins along the beautiful valley designed by the Adige River that runs for more than 60km, from the north of Trentino region to Lake Garda.Moreover, the DOC TRENTINO area includes farmlands that span from 220msl to 600msl at the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains; which makes the territory one of the most unique in the world. For that reason that territory of TRENTINO DOC in the last 10 years became the most suited area for the Pinot Grigio production in the world.Mezzacorona is the leader in production of Pinot Grigio. With this new style of wine, Mezzacorona is proud to introduce the most elegant and rich Pinot grigio from Italy and from TRENTINO DOC.

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The Pinot Grigio Cliffhanger TRENTINO DOC is a selection of the best grapes cultivated on the hills around 350msl along the Adige valley, very close to the city of Trento, and from Pinot Grigio cultivated close to the Lake Garda.The first selection is harvested around the first week of September and brings fresh fruity notes and the acidic backbone of the wine. The second selection of Pinot Grigio from lake Garda are harvested around the second week of September and enriches the wine with ripe stone fruits and ripe pear with lower acidity and a rounder mouthfeel (sur-maturo).
The grapes are handpicked and selected. After the crushing and destemming, the grapes are soft pressed and the must settle down for 24 hours. Then the fermentation starts only in stainless steel tanks with the addition of selected yeasts and runs at 16°C for 10-12 days. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine rests in tanks for 3-4 month with periodical stirring of the yeasts (batonnage).Then 50% of the wine undergoes to the malolactic fermentation to smooth down the acidity and increase the roundness of the wine.
The Cliffhanger Pinot grigio shows the two faces of Trentino region: the cool climate of the north with some citrus and white fruit aroma and acidic touch; and the warm and Mediterranean climate of the south, with ripe stone fruits and floral notes, complete with round and soft acidity.

Color: green with slight yellow hue.
Aroma: ripe stone fruit with ripe pear surrounded by a white melon and fresh peach, with light and elegant floral notes.
Body: Rich, smooth body and acidity, with a fresh, mineral finish.
Made to drink alone, or, with food because of generosity of fruit and body. It pairs well with appetizer, pasta with white meat sauce, perfect with fried and grilled fish.