Lagrein Riserva

Trentino Doc

Indigenous varietal of Trentino Alto Adige, this varietal has been cultivated in the Dolomite valleys since the 15ht century, where the mountainous conditions are ideal for Lagrein production. Mezzacorona members cultivate the vineyards along the Adige Valley with the pergola training system, it provides an excellent exposure of the bunch ensuring optimal ripening also avoiding the risk of sunburn.

Alcohol content
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Mezzacorona cultivates this varietal in Trentino, along the Adige Valley.
The grapes undergo the traditional red wine vinification process at a temperature of 26°C for 12-13 days with selected yeasts, followed by a 10 months aging in French oak barrels which are three years old and lightly toasted. The wine is further aged in bottle to ensure a refined quality.
The dolomitic climate gives hints of ripe berries and redcurrant and enhances a fruity aroma of velvety jam. The bouquet is completed by delicate notes of vanilla and almond comingfrom the refinement in wood. It is wellstructured and delicate at the same time, with a well-balanced acidity that perfectly reflects its climate of origin.
At its best with rich and spicy appetizers, it enhances first course dishes with ragù sauce, lasagna, game main courses and grilled meats.