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Moscato Rosa grape is a very ancient vine, of probable Greek origin that - passing through Sicily - has arrived in Trentino in mid-nineteenth century. The name seems to come over  the pink primary aroma that characterizes this aromatic variety, not by the color of the berry, which is bluish-black reality.Moscato Rosa is very delicate to grow as subject to various problems in the flowering and ripening which greatly reduces production capacity. For all these reasons, as well as noble, it is a precious wine, even for his great ability to accumulate large amounts of sugar.

Alcohol content
Serving temperature
Production area
This wine is made from small vineyards located near a town called Pressando, north of Trento, at 250-300 meters, with south-southwest exposure on clay-limestone soils and in well ventilated area to prevent health problems and allow the grapes to achieve a perfect level of aromatic maturation and sugary.
The grapes are hand picked, very late after a natural drying in the plant and, after stripping, they are subjected to traditional vinification with addition of selected yeasts at a temperature of 22-24 ° C for 6-8 days. Then with the use of cold (5 ° C), the fermentation process is of course blocked with consequent maintenance of the residual sugar wanted. It continues with collection of single flower wine without pressing the marc. Following is a steel storage for a few months more and at low temperature to preserve the aromas of this elegant wine.
Bright ruby ​​red color with light garnet hues.Delicate, pleasantly aromatic, intense with marked hints of spices and rose, surrounded by delicate aromas of berries. Taste sweet, full, pleasant, with a good balance between sweetness and flavor in harmony with fragrant acidity.In the mouth it looks so harmoniously sweet without being cloying, with a final very elegant and velvety.

Perfect with wild berry tarts, strudel and milk chocolate deserts. Also pairs well with fruit salad, with tipical cantus and can accompany slightly aged cheeses and delicate aromatically.