Merlot is known as a chameleon grape varietal in the way it adapts to many climates and takes on the character of both its location and winemaking techniques.

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This international variety, grown throughout the world, has found its ideal terroir in Trentino in the more southern areas of the region which boasts a mild microclimate thanks to its large-surface lakes. In these conditions, the grapes achieve an optimal maturation and a perfect ripening of their seeds.
The hand-picked grapes are brought to the winery just a few hours after harvest and undergo fermentation in contact with the skins for about ten days at a temperature of 26-28°C. The resulting wine ages in steel vats and partially in oak barriques for almost one year.
It exalts first courses with seafood and white meat sauces, baked meat and fish starters. Excellent with medium-matured cheeses.