Pinot Grigio is a variety that in the past found its ideal habitat in the Dolomite mountain ranges of Trentino in which to express its potential to the full. Indeed, in this Alpine context, that is unique in the global panorama of wine-making, Pinot Grigio has expressed its various stylistic souls according to the pedo-climatic environments in which it is cultivated and featuring soils, exposure and altitudes that make the Trentino region an immense natural environmental mosaic.

The grapes used for this original wine are grown in areas exposed to the North and presenting loose and silty soils in which the slow accumulation of sugars allows us to naturally create a modern style wine with low alcoholic potential but with the same aromatic peculiarities that have made the Pinot Grigio of the Dolomites one of the most authentic and genuine expressions of this mountain variety.

The low alcohol content therefore is a peculiarity of our vineyards thanks to the special climatic conditions that feature sunny days that foster excellent aromatic development and very cold nights that are the basis for the natural preservation of acidity.

Alcohol content
8-10 °C
Serving temperature
The grapes are harvested between the last week of August and the first week of September and immediately destemmed and crushed and then soft-pressed. The must is then placed to ferment together with selected yeasts at a temperature of 16-18°C for 8 days.
At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wines are kept in steel vats on the lees and undergo repeated restirring until they are filtered and bottled.
Pinot Grigio expresses a youthful aromatic profile consisting of a mix of flowers and fruits ranging from lily of the valley and Scotch broom to melon and white peach. The balance between its freshness and its viscosity makes it pleasant, easy to drink and refreshing, also thanks to its low alcohol content that helps exalt its sapidity.
Ideal as an aperitif, it also nicely complements delicate vegetarian fingerfoods and vegetable-based pasta dishes.