Pinot Grigio Trentino Superiore

Alcohol content
10-12°C (50-54°F)
Serving temperature
Production area
The production area of Pinot Grigio Musivum Viciniais the municipality of Mezzocorona, a vine cultivationarea notoriously dedicated to this variety (knownin ancient times also as “Rülander”) as indicated inhistorical documents. In the Agrarian Almanac of1883, the technical journal published by the IstitutoAgrario di San Michele all’Adige, the researcher Madersuggested using Pinot Grigio to improve the winemakingstocks of the time because it gives abundant anduniform harvests and produces a very ‘fine’ white wine.The land was cultivated with vines for the first time inthe 1950’s, and so the grounds have a limited effectivesoil depth and a rather superficial watershed - 50 to100 cm -, while the type of soil is silty.The soils have sufficient water supply even in timesof drought and are fairly fertile. These features areindispensable for Pinot Grigio, that is a rather weakvariety. Moreover, Vicinia is a very precocious area,seeing that it is located right next to majestic rocky cliffwalls that protect it from the cold winds in late winterand early spring, and have a warming effect throughoutthe vegetative stages as they reflect the heat of the sun.
Production begins with a slightly late harvest intendedto exalt the varietal characteristics and the aromaticrichness of the variety. The grapes are collected by handin the early hours of the day, in order to preserve theirfreshness thanks to the low temperatures, selecting eachsingle cluster in the field; they are then transported to thewinery in perforated containers designed to preserve thefragrance and integrity of the clusters. At the winery, thegrapes are lightly pressed in order to obtain a free-runmust that is then allowed to decant naturally.
This complex, fragrant and persistent wine is deep strawyellowin colour. Its seduction is based on the fusion ofperfectly ripened white-pulp fruits, such as pear and whitepeach, integrated with notes of sun-dried citrus fruits,camomile, Swiss pine and rhododendron honey. Intriguingis the hint of mountain gooseberry, completed by the spicynotes of almond and walnut. Rich to the palate, it offersa pleasingly harmonious blend of sapidity and persuasiveacidity.