Müller Thurgau Trentino Superiore

Alcohol content
10-12°C (50-54°F)
Serving temperature
Production area
To make Musivum, we select vineyards with thesecharacteristics in Valle di Cembra.
Müller Thurgau Musivum grapes come from two differentCembra areas featuring optimal exposure and altitude. Thetwo vineyards are harvested separately, a few days laterthan the average ripening time. The grapes are collected inthe early hours of the morning to preserve their freshnessthanks to the low temperatures. They are picked only byhand, selecting each single cluster in the field. They arethen transported to the winery in perforated containers andthe clusters are kept in refrigerators overnight in order toexalt and transfer the aromas present on the skins to thefuture must. For the same reason, they are subjected tocryomaceration for 4-5 hours in the press, at a temperaturelower than 10 °C. Oxidation of the extracted must is avoidedby using a specific pressing program. The must is left for afew days in the vat (cold settling), with periodic stirring ofthe lees, so that the fibres and solid particles from the skinsand pulp may still release their aromatic components intothe must.
This straw-yellow wine with green hues offers a fusion offragrances that deserve to be discovered slowly. It enchantswith its hay bouquet of aromatic Alpine herbs such asthyme, sage and wild mint, completed by white flowers andclover. To the palate it is complex, clean and with vibrantacidity and immensely long finish. Intriguing is the note ofigneous rock typical of the Cembra terroir elegantly fusedin hints of citron and candied lemon peel, completed with alight spicy touch of cinnamon.