Chardonnay Südtirol - Alto Adige

Alcohol content
10-12°C (50-54°F)
Serving temperature
Production area
The production area of Chardonnay Musivum islocated in Südtirol - Alto Adige and includes differentareas: mainly Fateni (Pfatten in german language) inSalorno municipality, Puncheli (Punchl) in Magrèmunicipality and San Floriano (St. Florian) in Egnamunicipality.The characteristics of the area, suitable to maintainhigh acidic levels, are ideal for the cultivation ofChardonnay, that manages to reach high sugar levels.Another characteristic of this area, ideal for thecultivation of grapes, is the microclimate characterizedby a good wind - which avoids dangerous stagnation ofhumidity and guarantees a quick drying of the grapesafter the rains - and by a sunstroke throughout the day.
The production starts with a slightly late harvest intendedto exalt the aromatic richness of this variety. The grapes arecollected by hand in the early hours of the day, in order topreserve their freshness thanks to the low temperatures,selecting each single cluster in the field. They are thentransported to the winery in perforated containers designedto best preserve the freshness and integrity of the clusters.At the Winery, the individual containers are kept separatebased on the characteristics of the grapes. This allowsto perform different vinification treatments. All of thegrapes are cooled to 2-3°C. On the following days, thoseof yellow-golden colour are destemmed and crushed andleft for 4-5 hours in the press in contact with the skins(cryomaceration) so as to increase the extraction of thisvariety’s aromatic precursors. Yellow-green colouredgrapes instead are destemmed and immediately softpressed.Both portions supply a free-run must that is thenallowed to decant naturally.
Straw-yellow with definite golden hues, this wine is rich,powerful and full. It is seductive with its juicy notes ofperfectly ripened yellow fruits, such as apricot and Fujiapple. It releases charming floral traces of linden and acaciahoney, with hints of ginger mostarda. The finish is spiced,with captivating suggestions of hazelnut and almond.