Moscato Giallo Spumante

Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

Alcohol content
4 – 6°C
Serving temperature
Production area
Wine obtained from Moscato giallo grapes that our members cultivate in the most sunny hills of Trentino.
Moscato Giallo grapes are harvested in mid-September and soft pressed to extract only the most scented and elegant must. The must is then filtered and cooled to 0 ° C to keep its freshness and aromatic nature.
The base wine added with selected yeasts, is subjected to natural fermentation in tank at a temperature of 13-14 ° C for 30 days. Once the desired pressure and sugar residue level are reached, it is quickly cooled to -2/3 degrees, in order to stop the fermentation and to allow tartaric stabilization.
The sparkling wine is filtered and bottled at a low temperature, maintaining and preserving its characteristics.
Color: straw yellow
Perfume: fresh, intense and persistent, with citrus scents
Flavor: in the mouth it is sweet and fresh, fragrant
Perlage: with persistent dense foam
The ideal companion for deserts and particularly suitable for the typical regional ones such as strudel, zelten, grostoi (or chiacchiere).