Alcohol content
16-18°C (60-64°F)
Serving temperature
Production area
Teroldego is the most typical indigenous red grape variety of Trentino. Recent scientific research prove its linkwith Pinot Noir and with Syrah. Teroldego is Mezzacorona’s DNA. Our winery is based in the middle of its mainproduction area, the Piana Rotaliana plateau, a territory that was named by famous Italian geographer CesareBattisti “ Europe’s most beautiful garden under vine .” This is one of the most important wines for our Group.
Grapesare hand harvested After soft pressing the wine is subjected to fermentation with selected yeasts, for 710 days at 24 C, to preserve Teroldego’s uniquely mineral, tannic and fruity character Then, malolacticfermentation with selected bacteria is performed Finally, the wine matures in stainless steel for 6 to 8 months Asmall portion about 10 of the wine is aged in large barrels specifically to soften its edges and provide theright structure.
100Teroldego grapes Colour is garnet red The aroma is intense, featuring a somewhat spicy profile balancedwith notes of ripe red fruits ( cherries and a delicate hint of vanilla bean derived from the light oakageing This wine is dry and complex.
It’sa nice pairing to pizza and especially mushroom and ham pizza It also pairs well with roast beef, coq au vin,roasted game, charcuterie like speck and salami, risotto, lasagne and mature cheeses like Manchego, Puzzone diMoena and Grana.