Pinot grigio rosé

Alcohol content
10-12°C (50-54°F)
Serving temperature
Production area
Roséwine from Pinot Grigio has been produced in Trentino since the 1950 s Our winemakers have reinterpreted this historic wine in a modern and food friendly way We start from a selection of estate PinotGrigio plots of the Adige Valley, where silt and dolomitic rocks create unique soils and the valley’s microclimate provides for an excellent ripening of the grapes, naturally delivering an optimal balance betweenacidity and freshness
Sustainablyfarmed grapes are harvested by hand at the end of August first week of September After softpressing and destemming, the must is cooled to 12 C and left in contact with the skins directly in the press forabout 8 10 hours Then, the must is collected and a soft pressing of the skins is carried out up to a maximum of0 4 bars, limiting the extraction of tannins.

Themust is then filtered, and fermentation begins with selected yeasts at 16 18 C, for about 12 days Then thewine is set to rest on its lees for 3 4 months and bottled.
Freshand delicate aromatic profile, characterized by aromas of red berries and fruits with hints of citrus fruitslike pink grapefruit mixed and delicate floral notes The palate is characterized by a pleasant minerality with alively and refreshing acidity
Idealwith antipasti featuring cheeses or charcuterie, it is also excellent complement to any vegetable basedMediterranean dish, goat cheese and almonds, raw and oven baked seafood including tuna, salmon or prawns