Pinot Nero

Trentino DOC

Varietal that has found in Trentino the ideal environment, where it is cultivated by the expert hands of Mezzacorona members and it expresses his balanced aromas and great elegance.

Alcohol content
Serving temperature
Production area
Mezzacorona cultivates this variety on the hills of Faedo and Pressano, in Trentino.
Traditional red vinification with maceration on the skins for a 4-5 day period, temperature controlled fermentation (25°C/77°F) and maturation in oak barrels for 6-8 months.
Wine with ruby red color, with flects of garnet. It presents a bouquet of ripe fruits such as wild cherries and strawberries, black currant, flowery hints of violet. The wine is more and more enriched by the scent of spices, particularly (black pepper and underbrush, derived from the brief maturation process in oak barrels. Dry with delicate and elegant tannin structure, balanced by a pleasant acidity and fruity taste.
Excellent companion to white and red roasted meats and middle seasoned cheeses.