Our wines

In Trentino where nature meets tradition the hands of our wine grape growers have cared for, protected and moulded the vineyards of our Mezzacorona wines since 1904. These wines are the result of the great care which is paid not only to the specific characteristics of the wine grapes but also to the variety and expression of our land and its alpine environment. They are fragrant and elegant wines, authentic and virtuous just like the men who have produced them, they are as special as the land which bears them.

The Mezzacorona classics are modern wines with long tales to tell. They tell of Trentino's history, a unique land boasting the purity of its mountains and valleys, the enchantment of its vineyards and its centuries-old art of wine making. These wines' aromas and fragrances recall this land where grapes are grown in a pure, natural environment and cared for by expert hands.