The name comes from the German Zelten "selten" which means "sometimes" - to indicate that this kind of cake is prepared only at Christmas time. It is a fruity sweet bread, typical of Trentino - Alto Adige region.

250g flour
100g shugar
80g butter
1 backing powder
3 eggs
1 glass of water
2 glasses of Rum or Brandy
If you like:
70g raisins Malaga
40g raisins
40g pine nuts
500g dried figs
40g almonds
40g walnuts
40g pine nuts
Candied fruit

After preparing the dried fruit, chopped, put it in a bowl and add raisins, pine nuts, hazelnuts, rum / brandy. Let it soak for about an hour. Meanwhile, divide the yolks from the whites, whisk with half the sugar and melt the butter. Add the melted butter to the eggs and add the fruit to the mixture, stirring well. Add 200 ml of warm water and, while mixed, filled into the flour and baking powder. Whip the egg whites with sugar and add the other half of the dough all over. Before baking decorate the Zelten with almonds, pine nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. Once decorated, brush the surface of Zelten with the egg yolk.Bake for 90 minutes at 160 degrees.