Expo Milano 2015

VINO – A TASTE OF ITALY. Mezzacorona will be at the Wine Pavillon where - for the lasting of Expo Milano 2015 - our products will be presented and included in the excellences of Made in Italy, through our story, culture, research and innovation.Our products will be shown in the “Library of Wine”, in two differet rooms, one dedicated to Trentino and one to Sicily, where the visitors can taste the wines.For any further information please visit Expo Vino Trentino e  Vino 2015

PIAZZETTA TRENTINO: From 1st August to 31st October Mezzacorona will be one of the Special Sponsor in the area dedicated to our Territory , called Piazzetta Trentino , located along the Cardo near the Italia Pavilion.Together with other important players, Mezzacorona will represent the beauty and the energy of Trentino and will testify the identity , the splendor of the Dolomites , the biodiversity and our innate vocation to green and sustainable development.Piazzetta Trentino will be a multimedia space with a high emotional impact that will attract visitors to Expo, at the same time i twill be a meeting place where the special sponsor, and than Mezzacorona, will communicate their identity values with promotion and enhancement .More information on our presence in Expo are on the site of Trentino to Expo